Occasionally, we make efforts to deliver a gift but encounter difficulties in doing so. These situations may arise if the recipient refuses the item upon delivery, an incorrect address is provided, essential order details are missing, the recipient has relocated, or if it is determined unsafe to leave the gift, among other reasons.

In the event that a gift is undeliverable, we will send it back to our main office, and the sender will receive a notification through the phone number and/or email address provided during the ordering process.

Should the sender opt for a second delivery attempt, an additional fee will be charged to cover the expenses associated with the subsequent delivery.

Alternatively, if the sender decides not to proceed with another delivery attempt, a refund will be issued for the original cost of the gift, with a deduction of a $15 handling and restocking fee. Please be aware that the original delivery charge will not be refunded, as the initial delivery attempt was made.

If we are unable to arrange redelivery within 30 days of the item's return, it will be considered abandoned.